What I enjoy most about writing is talking with people from many walks of life—a displaced tech worker, a custodian working on her accounting degree, a welder-artist, a cyber security expert, an Armenian-American author, a survivor of human trafficking, a female millennial entrepreneur, and many more.

It is an honor to learn about their lives. Whether they are the anomalies or the norms, their individual stories provide critical perspective and context to the big data that drives so many local and global decisions.

Before freelance writing, I worked for a social services nonprofit. I started from the ground floor (as a part-time data entry clerk) and worked my way up (to director of three departments). While I learned much about data systems, accounting procedures, and grants management, my work there profoundly impacted my worldview too. The agency worked with those most marginalized in society, providing the tools they needed for full independence.

After more than ten years there, I saw the agency’s 2012 reorganization as an opportunity to pursue professional and personal goals that I had long put on the back burner, one of which was freelance writing.

I live in Dearborn, Michigan with my husband and our two boys. Dearborn is a multi-cultural place with a long history of industry, immigration, and innovation. Living here keeps me close to the subjects that intrigue me most: ethnic inclusivity, history, and community.

Click on these links for more on my professional history and to read some of my past news and features work.

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