Old-School Biz Tool

This digital space grew from my need for a physical space, specifically a 3.5″ x 2″ piece of paper. Well, 50 – 100 of those pieces of paper.

I created this website so that I could (finally) attain that most old-school of all self-promotion tools: the business card.

“Figure out business cards” had been on my task list for at least a year. Up to now, I had gotten by without them by writing my number down on paper or getting the caller’s number and then texting them or by leaving my info in the signature line of my emails.

I kept putting it off because it meant having to deal with design and reproduction issues. Do I customize or just get something basic? Do I purchase the digital file and print locally or get the artist to do the design and printing? What if that artist isn’t around in another year when I need more?

But, last week, as I was clearing the aging cards off my Trello task list, staring back at me was the business card, um…card. “Okay, I’m doing this.” Procrastinate no longer. I got on Etsy. Found a recycled paper card with a respectable but fun design. I added the item to my cart, typed in the info to include on the card, and, then, I stopped–as suddenly as if I was trying to avoid a squirrel in the road: Name? Check. Phone number? Check. Email address? Check. Website? Squirrel.

The closest thing I had was a Google+ Collection of my work. The collection is a lot like a photo album. Create a new post, paste the link. Voilà! It creates a clean post complete with an image from the article. The problem? The website address. The collection’s link reads like a telephone number out of 1959 (lots of random letters strung together). There is no way anyone would type that into their browser to look me up.

So, it was time to claim my name on the web: teresaduhl.com. And, many days later, here I am. Website well underway and just about ready to order those business cards. If I can just decide…logo or no logo?


Untitled photo by cbsperna at pixabay, licensed under CC0 1.0.

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